LA Galaxy

Ryan has season tickets to the LA Galaxy. He got them after discovering that David Beckham would be moving to Los Angeles to play on the team. Ryan has 2 seats and he shares the tickets with a friend of his. They split up the games over the course of the season and sometimes go together, but this Saturday is my day to go with Ryan. He is excited to take me and show me where their seats have moved to since last year. They were in a good spot before, about 8 rows up from the field toward the goal line. I went to a few games last season and had fun watching the games, but Beckham was injured so we only saw him riding the pine. But this season will be great because Beckham is fit and Posh is in the stands. Believe it or not, my hairstyle was NOT inspired by this Spice Girl. But I think that if we met, we would be the best of friends.

The drive to Carson is quite long, so I do not envy Ryan’s weekly drive 60 miles South of where we live to see the games. But then again, I am not the die-hard soccer fan that he is. Going to a few games now and then is enjoyable for me as I always treat myself to some delicious, over-priced stadium foods. I anxiously await the time to break from the game for some pink cotton candy, sausages with the works, french fries and ice cream.

Most of all, I am stoked to go to the game and have some time alone with my hubby. Isn’t that the best?

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