Mind Melting Ramble

Broken finger nail, fixed with acrylic

Polished pink while awaiting re-growth

* * *

Polaroids on shoe boxes

Save space in over-stuffed closets

* * *

The picture of family

Lethargically develops on McAfee Ct

While puppy paw prints

Press on freshly fluffed bathroom mats

Fine black hairs scatter carpeted floors

And hide between bedroom sheets

* * *

A long jog through heat filled air results in

Dragging a stationary basenji

As she lies in the shaded grass with

Legs stretched behind her, as long as she can go

The unruffled blades of green tickling her tummy

In efforts to stay cool in the 90 degree weather

I won’t go home without you

Maroon 5 descends from ears to stomping feet

As I slow to a stop and lean over

Hands on knees to catch my breath

She looks up, eyes squinting in the sun and smiling wide

Tongue flopping up and down, side to side

I reach my hand down to stroke her forehead

She rolls to one side exposing her belly

Silently asking to be rubbed, caressed, tickled…

…anything but dragged one step further.

Copyright © 2008 N.E. Tasker

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