I am the only one I know that has such vivid dreams. My emotions are always deeply embedded in these dreams and I can easily remember every single detail when I wake up. Sometimes the dreams are so good that I feel incredibly happy when I get out of bed and can not stop thinking about everything that happened in my head while I was sleeping.

Other dreams are more like nightmares and I wake up in a sweat or frozen, unable to move an inch because fear has wrapped itself around my body.

Two nights ago I dreamed that my mother and I were in a hotel in New York City getting ready for my friend’s wedding. I could see my red dress all crumpled up in the suitcase the day of the ceremony and I was frantically hanging it up, shaking it and fluffing it to remove the creases and crinkles. I walked it over to the open window to hang it up and let the fabric breathe. Out the window, which was about 2 floors off the street-level, there were two black dogs unleashed, walking with a man and a woman. One of the dogs looked at me from the feet of his owners, and the other charged the open window, knocking the screen inside the room. I started to freak out and tried to close the window, but then the window panes broke off too and the dog jumped inside the hotel room. It was going for my throat and was foaming at the mouth. The sight of my hands wrapped around the dog’s neck was so vivid as I was trying to keep his foaming mouth from ripping off my face. Meanwhile, my mom was in bed, watching TV and I kept screaming for her to call 9-1-1. Then I woke up. It was 3:00am and I was quite disturbed. I laid in bed for an hour unable to get the image of the dog’s devilish eyes out of my head.

Last night I had a good dream, albeit strange. I dreamed about my favorite TV show that I am never sick of watching over and over again: Law & Order. It was not the normal L&O, nor was it the SVU version (also a favorite of mine). It was an episode of Criminal Intent, and I was watching it in my dreams, as if I was an extra in the show. Alexandra Eames (played by Kathryn Erbe) and Robert Gorin (played by Vincent D’Onofrio) were both there. Even though it was clear I was watching the both of them act, they were not solving any crimes like the usually do. Instead, they were going on a date together. They are both single in the show and I have always wondered if they would hook up. L&O rarely shows personal sides to these main characters, but when they do I find it so intriguing. I want to know more about what their characters do at home and about their families. At some point in this dream, I was no longer an extra, but I was Alexandra Eames and I was holding hands with Bobby (as he is often referred to in the show by Eames). The feeling of my fingertips running across the palm of Bobby’s hand (and me feeling it as well on my own hand) was so vivid. The night before, as I now recall, while Ryan and I were lying in bed, he was rubbing his finger tips on the palm of my hand it felt really nice, like a soft tickle/caress. This same feeling was just as real in my dream as it was the night before. Anyway, back to the dream…

…I (Alexandra) was walking with Bobby to pick up his son from school even though it was late at night. Bobby’s son was dressed in a school uniform and had tied his own neck-tie that morning–it was maroon. Then we got into a cab. I was no longer Alexandra as I sat outside of the cab, somehow riding with them even though I was not in the car. Alexandra and Bobby were riding in the backseat together and Bobby’s son was in the front seat. I remember the wind whipping in my face and hair as we drove through the city. Then I was Alexandra again as the cab let me out next to my car and I drove away, leaving Bobby and his son in the cab. Odd, but I still woke up so excited to see them dating (as if it really happened and Alexandra and Bobby are real people).

Another dream I had back when I was in high school is one that I will never forget. I dreamed that I was swimming with a dolphin named “Splash.” It was so real, I could feel the warm ocean water all over my body and the soft, squishy skin of the dolphin on my hands as we swam together. I woke up so sad to not be dreaming of this experience any longer. I truly felt as though I was there in the water with Splash.

Who has these kinds of dreams???

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