After much debate, I have decided to share a link with all of you that quite vividly demonstrates Mr. Beckham and his fit footballer bod. I feel like I have to share it with more people than just my mother: click here.

Now tell me, is he not the finest thing you have seen today? I was almost embarrassed to be looking at this Emporio Armani ad in the May edition of Elle that I was perusing at lunch while eating left-over pizza. My first instinct (which I did act upon) was the rip the page out of the magazine so I could study it closely. Then I went to my computer and Googled “armani” and “david beckham” to get the full experience.

At the LA Galaxy game, I was able to see Beckham play the full 90 minutes, including the few seconds after they won, he took off his jersey, and handed it to someone in the stands. Of course all the fans in that section were wildly screaming. Even when Beckham approached the sidelines during the game to get a drink from his water bottle, the fans on that side of the field went crazy, screaming his name and snapping photos. I must say, I was a teensy-weensy bit jealous when I saw one lucky fan get the jersey. But watching him walk off the field shirtless was enough to make me smile.

There’s a story online about two boys, 9 and 10 years old, that were at a Galaxy game in Hawaii and apparently were sitting next to one another in the stands. When the game ended, Beckham took off his jersey (which must be his signature move), he signed the jersey and handed it to the two boys and they both received it at the same time. Now the families of these two boys are suing each other for the jersey. A bit ridiculous if you ask me. Even if Beckham signs another jersey and give it to the boys so each can have one of the shirts and stop the bickering and the lawsuit, what kind of precedent does that set? It would not surprise me if the families are in on it to get some more signed memorabilia from this delicious footballer. How dare they try to take advantage of Mr. Beckham.

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