Chubby Bunny

The weather took a turn for the better this weekend. By Sunday, there was a brisk breeze, the air was cool and the sun was hot. I had most of the day to myself before the whole family met up for Mother’s Day dinner. After Cali and I enjoyed our traditional Sunday breakfast of waffles, I cleaned the house just enough so the dog hairs were not visible and the toilets sparkled. Then at 11:30am all the chores were done and I peeled off my sweaty cleaning clothes and changed into workout shorts and a tank top so that I could work on my tan while I was outside. After getting situated with my sneakers, Cali was already into the idea that yes, we were going outside! She began prancing around the house and bouncing on the bed like a wild, crazy animal. I secured myself with an iPod and Cali with her leash and we were off.

I had debated which route I would take once we made it outside into the sunshine. Having no where to be until dinner at 4:00pm, I decided to take a long walk/run down this one street by my house that stretches for about 5.5 miles from start to finish. The beginning .5 miles from my house to that street made it a total workout of 6 miles which we did in about 1 ½ hours. I must confess, I usually get through it much quicker, but the heat was getting to Cali (her black hair does not help) and she continually lagged behind me when I started to sprint and soon sat down in the shade. As soon as I noticed she was no longer moving, I would look back at her and she would slide down from a seated position so she would be lying down, then would roll to her side, exposing her tummy, with a bright pink, wet tongue dripping on the sidewalk. I took a few brakes with her along the way, kneeling to caress her face and back to try and calm her down and cool her off. She really only needed a few minutes to regain her strength and keep moving. But after the fifth time of stopping to soak up the shade and gain reprieve from the hot sun, I almost turned around, fearing if I continued, I would have to carry her home. Being the 30 pound dog that she is, I was not too excited about that idea. But Cali bucked up and made the rest of the way on her weary paws.

Upon finishing our exercise and entering our air conditioned home, we both headed to the water sources in the kitchen—Cali to her paw-shaped Wheaton dog bowl that I topped off w/ water before leaving the house, then me to the refrigerator where I filled up a cup full of ice and water. We then headed upstairs to collapse on the bed. My feet were noticeably sore and slightly throbbing, probably due to the fact this is only the 2nd week of using these new sneakers I just bought. They are not quite broken in and this was the first long journey I took with them.

I found that despite my weary body, slowly aching more each second, I still knew I had to do a complete workout to prepare for the buffet-style dinner that was quickly approaching later that day so I did some sit ups and leg lifts with the big exercise ball I got myself a few months ago. As I write this to you, I can feel the effects of this ball in my abdomen as I try to get through the day with as little movement and pain as possible.

The newest addition to my workout routine is a weighted hula hoop. My mom sent me one after she got herself one, and if used for 10 minutes per day, 3 days per week, for 3 months the results are supposedly a waist that is 2 inches smaller. The hoop weighs about 3 pounds and has rivets throughout the inside of the hoop so as you do it, the thing smacks you in your mid-section, causing bruises to appear a few days after. But after using the hula hoop one way for a few weeks, then the other way for another few weeks, your tummy gets used to it and the bruises subside. I totally work up a sweat doing this workout with the hula hoop and I love that. I also feel like it is helping me to tighten up in the mid-region.

Being mindful of the silk dress I have to wear in September for my friends wedding, I will do just about anything (even hula hoop) to make sure I look my best. I like having a goal, some big event I am shaping up for, otherwise I will sit on my butt all day, eating whatever I feel like, until something else comes up that makes me want to lose a few pounds and tone up. As I have grown older, I found that everything I eat, I wear in my stomach. And I have heard from others that it does not get better the older you get. I used to be able to go for a 20 minute run, then pig out and not change at all in weight or size. Watching what you eat sucks. I enjoyed being 10 and eating everything chocolate and not caring that I was a chubby bunny.

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