The Bachelor Final Update

So I was right about one thing from my last post on The Bachelor…ABC was trying to pull a fast one. My prediction was wrong and Matt proposed to Shayne, not Chelsea. I was still so happy to see this end result because I think that they make a much better couple than Chelsea and Matt ever could. As hard as Chelsea was trying to tell Matt she was in love with him, she did it so late in the game and when she finally opened up, she always seemed to speak awkwardly about her feelings and it even made me uncomfortable. You know that uncomfortable feeling you get when watching someone else try to express their thoughts and they just keep tripping over their words? It is like watching Paula Abdul on American Idol. It is so embarrassing to hear her speak, she sounds so doped up on pain pills that she just blurts out words.

Back to The Bachelor…Shayne let all her inhibitions go throughout the show and just let Matt know flat out about halfway through the season that she was way into him. So by the time this final episode arrived and Shayne had to meet the parents and spent one last night with Matt, they were both so comfortable with each other and she had already expressed her love towards Matt multiple times before. When speaking with his parents about both girls, Matt even said that he felt he was more comfortable with Shayne over Chelsea. The key to winning the guy of your dreams if you are a Bachelorette among 24 other women all vying for the love and affection of one man, you really have to let down your guard right away. The first time you get alone time with him, you have to act like you and him are the only ones in the world. If you are constantly thinking about what he thinks/does/talks about with the other women, you will go crazy with jealousy. But if you push this out of your mind and act selfishly that he is yours, then he will easily feel the same way and that, my friends, is how you get him. If you always act standoffish (like Amanda aka Meeps), do not hold his hand (like Chelsea) or give him any smooches (well, let’s face it, he usually kisses everyone), you can not expect him to like you more than a friend. I can not tell you how many seasons I have seen where the girls become really great friends with the guy and that is his reason for not giving them a rose.

This season with Matt and Shayne had a total fairy-tale ending when he got down on one knee (after proclaiming all the super sweet connections he and Shayne already had) and Shayne was jumping for joy, ecstatic and visibly over-flowing with love. You should have seen her face when he finally could tell her he loved her. It was so great and I am so glad that it ended this way. I am totally routing for Matt and Shayne and hope they get married. We all know the odds are against them, but something tells me they will make it.

After the Bachelor ended with Matt and Shayne embracing on the beach–engaged–ABC showed a preview of The Bachelorette that premiers next Monday. They started by showing how in love DeAnna was with Brad when she was on The Bachelor last season and then how he told her he could not love her (or the other girl, Jenny, whom she was up against). In a tearful, cracking voice she says, “He broke my heart” and that is when you really feel for DeAnna, even if you were not routing for her during the show. The preview jumps to DeAnna all hot and sexy, looking like a Greek Goddess mixed with Southern Charm (as one of the men proclaimed) and she sounds like she is totally on a mission to find love.

It could be the next Trista & Ryan. I can not wait to watch this new season and give you all a recap. I set up my Tivo to record the series, I suggest you do the same!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yet paula abdul is the one from american idol who gets.. not most, but ALL of the attention.. so she clearly is doing something right. simon..he never creates any headlines anymore and randy never did. but she does it, over and over again

  2. Nicki says:

    I agree with what you say about Paula. But come on, can she slur her words just a little less? It is hard to take her seriously or even understand her comments. I like Simon, he tells it like it is. Let’s face it, he knows what he’s talking about.

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