Switzerland Update

Guten Nicht!

I am intrigued by seeing castles that have torture chambers. I know, sick, huh? Well, I did get to see some jail cells while in Thun this afternoon at Schloss Thun. We had to walk up about 300 stairs to get to the base of the castle, and then even more stairs on a spiral staircase. But once to the top, we could walk up old, rickety ladders into the towers and look out at the city below. There were small rooms in the towers and it is there that I got some cool pictures of some shackles, swords and jail cell doors that had the biggest locks and hinges on them to keep the prisoners inside. So I feel satisfied.

We ate lunch next to a river that passed through Thun and watched ducks and swans as they fought the down stream to stay in higher ground where some annoying Holland kid-fan was throwing bread into the water. The clouds looked gloomy, but then the sun came out and proved to be yet another great European lunching experience. The waiter gave us an English menu to boot and that made it so much more enjoyable.

Thun had some really great shops and department stores with incredible price mark downs so that was a lot of fun. Ryan got some more jerseys, shorts, socks and a half-zip pull-over. He is truly in his element over here.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to a cheese factory in Emmental and are going to make another attempt at seeing one of the two games tomorrow night in the Thun outdoor set up with the big screen displaying the game. Hopefully we have better luck tomorrow than we did last night.

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