Switzerland Update

Der Kase!

Cheese! It was the hi-light of our day today. The road to Emental (where Ementaler cheese is made) was quite risky and at more than one point in the 90 minute drive, we all contemplated turning around. The road quickly lost the paint markings and the road signs became few and far between. We were approached by two horse drawn carriages coming in the opposite direction and we slowly crept by them as they trotted past us. But where there was cheese, there was also a restaurant, gift shop and a visitor’s section where you can view the cheese-making-process.

Tonight we are laying low in our hotel bar to watch the first game which is Romania-VS-Italy. Then it is back to the pizza festival for the last time and then up to Carolyn’s suite for the second game of the night, which is Holland-VS-France. I must say, the Holland fans continue to get crazier and smellier the more their team wins. They have set up tents, RV’s, and even a few tee-pees as well in a nearby park. Every time we drive by their camping site, we see a blur of orange jerseys and face paint. You would think that they too would be laying low until their late game starts at 9pm, but no….they were up and about, screaming, chanting and cheering at 11am. They were ready to win!

Tomorrow is my last day in Switzerland, so we are heading to Interlacken (where we went on our first day) so I can pick up a few more souveniers and perhaps do this hand-gliding/parachuting thing we have seen all week. It looks as though you and a guide hook up to a parachute and glide down from one of the mountains. To me it looks like so much fun, but I think I will be the only one to partake in this new adventure.

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