The Bachelorette Update

I had a great time watching two week’s worth of the Bachelorette after my vacation was over. There is so much drama! I did not think men could be this petty. The first of the two episodes I watched, was a DeAnna Tells All episode which was another new thing ABC did where they checked in on DeAnna after showing her tapes of the episodes up until where they are now in the season. It was funny to hear her comment on the men and how she did not know certain things about them. Then they did a close look at the six remaining men and you got to hear personal stuff about their lives, family and friends.

The second of the two episodes was set in Palm Springs and she spent more personal, one-on-one time with the guys to help her decide which four she would keep for another week and visit their hometowns.

I was surprised that she chose to keep Jesse over Sean, but was not surprised to see her keep Jeremy, Graham and Jason. But I must say, I am so over Jeremy. He just does not seem as sincere as Graham or Jason. Jeremy is so in love with the idea of winning DeAnna that you can not see that he loves her. So yes, I have flip-flopped and my two guys I am now routing for are Graham and Jason. I think DeAnna will fall head over heels in love with Jason’s son Ty, which will seal the deal. But I think she has such a strong bond with Graham already that that is a sure bet. She definitely has a hard decision to make. But who knows, maybe Jesse and Jeremy will totally surprise me—NOT! That could never happen…

The previews for the next episode led you to believe there would be so much drama from the relatives of the four men…that they would either challenge DeAnna’s life choices to her face or they would coach the men in private to make the right decision for them. I think that has everything to do with these relatives being star-struck, trying to get their 15 minutes of fame through these four men. They are using their family to be famous.

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