Color fills cheeks as the elevator pulls us up to the fifth floor
Leaving the chilly underground garage behind
And greeting the toasty office building
Shedding coat and purse and slumping into desk chair
Efforts to remove the rose from face

Donut Shop Coffee flavored caffeine from the Keurig
Brings warmth to entire body as I smell the murky mixture
Of dry creamer and brown liquid being stirred
I take a sip and the color returns
Retrieving compact from red&white stripped sailor’s purse
To mask the blushing effect I can’t escape in the mornings

The flowery, red blouse I chose to wear today
Has fluffy puffy sleeves and they flitter in the air conditioned breeze
Leaking from the vent above desk
And yet again hot has turned cold
The rosy cheeks have transformed to fleshy pink

Those movie stars who wear dramatic red eye shadow
Carry it better than I ever could
Or maybe they have professional make up artists applying the powder
Which is why eyes look like I’ve been crying
When application of the flushed shade is complete

Copyright © 2008 N.E. Tasker

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