Nothing Witty To Say

I am in a blah mood right now. Work wraps up in 90 minutes and I’m fighting the urge to get myself a candy bar from the vending machine in the kitchen. I am excited to sleep this weekend and be low-key every single day. I think that a couple of movies are in our future plans, which I won’t mind leaving the house for. Right now, I have nothing clever to say, no anecdotes to share and nothing at all humorous. So instead I am going to tell you a non-story. Do not think for a moment that it ends with some witty remark, it doesn’t. Here goes…

I read in Good Housekeeping that eating more green & yellow veggies (full of fiber) is one of the few foods you can eat that will fill you up without giving you a pudgy tummy. It makes me want to go out and binge on vegetables. They also mention that avocados, yogurt, nuts, whole grains and water can assist in you feeling fuller faster, which means you eat less.

I read about dieting fads all the time in the magazines I get sent to my house (Elle, Marie Claire & Good Housekeeping). I never used to like looking at magazines, but I have a different lunch schedule these days where I sit outside if it is not wicked hot or in the lunch room at my office. I always bring something to read. Sometimes it is a novel, but mostly one of these magazines. I have a process I go through, where I skim through very quickly and stop to look at interesting pictures and ads. Then I go through again, reading every single article. That’s how I stumble across all the ones about how to eat right and lose weight. After reading it, I get this feeling of accomplishment, like I worked so hard to understand what I’m doing wrong and how to make it work so that I shed the pounds. Then I believe to be thinner after reading the article. If only it was that simple.

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