The Bachelorette Update

I watched this week’s episode last night and was very proud of DeAnna. She is making the right decisions for her and is not thinking about anyone else when giving out the roses. As well she should! This is the one thing in her life where she deserves to be completely selfish. Why lead someone on to avoid hurting their feelings? That is what Brad did to her two seasons ago and look what happened.

My two picks at the very beginning were Graham (made it to the final four) and Jeremy (made it to the final three). But the final two guys are Jason and Jesse. Jeremy got sent home and he was so surprised. After all, he was a perfect guy with a perfect face, perfect body, perfect house, perfect dog—perfect life! Now don’t start thinking these are my thoughts, this came right from DeAnna’s mouth to the camera. She confessed that although he was perfect and they did have a special connection, it was not love that she was feeling when she was with him.

The way that DeAnna acts when with both Jason and Jesse proves how right she was for making her decision to take them to meet her family, which is featured in next week’s episode. The relationship that DeAnna has created and nurtured with Jesse and Jason separately has been slow and kind of late-blooming. They were friends first and in the past few episodes, have acted more like boyfriend-girlfriend. But that is even more reason to believe that whomever she chooses in the end will be someone she can live with and love for the rest of her life.

The show after the rose ceremony was a Men Tell All episode and it was really great—full of lots of tension and back-stabbing. Definitely more entertaining to watch than any of the Women Tell All episodes. Even the host, Chris Harrison, got into it and totally shut Graham up when he said, “Why didn’t you kiss her? Even if you wanted to make a statement, when a woman asks you to kiss her, you kiss her and THEN make a statement!” The applause was booming.

Because this show is filmed and then aired later, DeAnna appears on this Men Tell All episode having already chosen between the last two guys. DeAnna let the whole world know that she is happy with her decision and is engaged, though would not let on to whom. I am so rooting for DeAnna to get married to one of these guys. I am not that torn, however, between Jason or Jesse. I am with my mom on this one and I hope she chooses Jason. How great would it be if they filmed DeAnna’s wedding, like they did Trista’s when she married Ryan? And maybe Ty was the ring bearer? I know, I’m way too into this. But everyone needs a guilty pleasure, right?

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