At the Movies

Ryan took me to see Iron Man on Saturday night at our local movie theatre. We went to the 9:30pm showtime and still had to wait in line to get in, which I totally love. I am a big fan of watching a great summer movie with a ton of people. The overall reaction and enjoyment is enhanced when everyone is into it as much as you are. We got into the auditorium 30 minutes before the lights when down, the previews came up and that is when Will Smith walked in with his son.

We noticed the back row taped off while waiting for the movie to start and Ryan and I were both wondering why Howie Mandel (also in the theatre with us) would be able to get the row behind him tapped off. Maybe he has a thing about people sitting and talking behind him when he’s trying to enjoy a movie? But that was not the case. I guess if you are Will Smith and essentially the biggest movie star in the world right now, you can get whatever you want.

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