Next Big Vacation with the Big A

Eleven days ago, we flew from Los Angeles to Sicily with a layover in Amsterdam and Rome. After 24 hours of nonstop travel, we finally arrived in Taormina, where we would stay for a week & a wedding before heading to Lucern, Switzerland. 

We have longed to return to this Swiss city after traveling to it seven years ago. We wanted to see if the fun we had back then could be replicated today. Yes, it can. So much so that we have started mentally planning to include Switzerland in our 2016 European vacation with the Big A. 
We did some hiking in Lauterbrunnen that is right up Aidan’s alley. It was all downhill at a low grade and was not hard by any means (I did it after all). To start this hike, you must first take a cable car and a train up the mountain–both Aidan would love! While I will admit that Switzerland is a fairly expensive country, hiking is one of those things you can do for free and you enjoy doing because he sights are just spectacular, the air is clean & crisp, and it’s free (wait, did I say that already?). 

When we travel to Europe next year with Aidan in tow, we would do it a little differently than we are doing it now without him here. Less meals out and more grocery shopping at the COOP. We would seek out the less expensive things to do and see. And we would cut back on the perusing of designer handbag & shoes, and amp up the chachki shopping. 

Traveling has become such a big part of our lives (since before Aidan was born) that we looking forward to sharing those abroad experiences with our son. 

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