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A Family Visit

Dec 15th, 2014 Posted in Aidan, Miscellaneous | no comment »

My mom came into town for 8 glorious days in sunny California.  She got a break from the dreary New Hampshire cold and some much needed time with the kiddos: Aidan, Olivia & Sophia.  She also hung out with Curtis & myself as well!

Whether she was hanging with my family or with Curtis’ or if all of us were together, it was a great time to spend with family. We made some great memories at the Americana watching the water & light show, riding the trolley and waiting for fake snow to fall down on our heads. I think Aidan may have even tried to catch some in his mouth!

Aidan lights

Aidan snow



It didn’t feel like a long enough visit. We all got so used to seeing her everyday that this morning as I was getting Aidan ready for school he asked, “When is Grammy D coming over?” and “Is Grammy D picking me up from school?”  It broke my heart to tell him that she had gone back to NH to be with Grampa Jeff. To that he cried, “But I want to go to NH and see Grampa Jeff!”


Sad Day

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Today I said goodbye to some colleagues that I have known and worked with for many years. A very sad day indeed.

Moments: Just Memories

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I’m finding it harder to ‘be’ in the moment. I find my mind wandering to the minute that moment is over; then an hour later when I’ll be remembering that moment; and then the day after when that moment is a distant memory.

Sometimes I think about having no more tomorrows. It seems impossible, no matter what I do or how many pictures I take – I can’t make those moments last longer. Moments become memories too quickly.

Instead of living in the moment, I anticipate future moments; think of the next memory yet to be made. Waiting for something to happen can feel like eternity. But then when that something occurs, its over before you know it.


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When I was young, our family vacations were primarily in Florida in the month of February. My memories of these trips are all rolled into one big cloud, so I can’t differentiate which year we did what, but it always started with the mini van.

We’d all load up into that mini van at the crack of dawn; me in the way back, Curt & Kyle in the middle, then Mom & Dad in the front. Dad did all the driving, which consisted of twenty-some-odd hours from New Hampshire to Florida. He would drive all night! Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and everyone else would be sleeping except me & Dad. I’d watch him driving in the dark, some years it would be a blizzard or torrential rain and would take us a lot longer to get to to the sunshine state. I remember one trip down south when I saw Dad sniffing a bottle of glasses cleaner to help keep him awake & alert.

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I hate running, but it’s the only exercise I have time to get at 5am, Monday through Friday. I rejoice at the end of my Friday morning run because I know I get the next 2 days off. Recently, though, I went for a run at 7:45pm when it was still sunny & warm (Aidan hit the hay early that night) and I enjoyed it immensely. I think that I might have to work that into my nightly routine once or twice a week to up my mileage. I love food and I just don’t burn calories like I used to when I was in my 20’s. I do hate getting old. But I think I hate running more.


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We went to Target this past weekend so that Aidan could pick out a plate he liked, around which I would build a theme for his birthday party next month. The party store was overwhelming: between the balloons & candy on display, he had a hard time focusing on the plates & napkins. Who could blame him!

Target had less stuff and more of a unique selection so after much debate, he chose the dinosaur plates. Dino party it is!

I picked out some big & small dino plates as well as matching napkins. Now I’m running wild with ideas for the decorations, the cake, a bouncy house & party favors for the kiddies who come to the party. Ryan is in charge of the BBQ food and I’m doing everything else–yay! I’m having fun ordering things online like small, colorful dinosaur figurines, bubbles with dinosaurs on the caps, and a triceratops pinata (of course). They have these pinatas that come with a 19-pull-string kit so that no one has to smack it with a bat to crack it open – which is pretty hard for a 3 year old. Instead, all the kids line up & each one takes a turn pulling a string; only one string will release the candies & tiny toys to the ground.

The bakery I used last year for Aidan’s car-themed party did a great job making a landscape/race-track with cars on top that I had provided them.  So I’m going to see if they’ll do something just as cool for a dino cake. I already bought a dozen small palm trees as well as a dinosaur figurine that can be put on the cake. Maybe they can make a volcano too? Who knows! The possibilities are limitless!

Me & Aidan

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Walking On Broken Glass

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is such a vivid memory for me.

Road trip in the back seat of Melinda’s car with Carrie & Marcie, on our way to North Conway for a long weekend. Melinda cranking up the volume and jiving to this song.

Half Day / Date Night

May 23rd, 2014 Posted in Miscellaneous | no comment »

There’s absolutely nothing better than getting out of work at 1:00pm before a long, holiday weekend and then having a date night with your best friend.  Can’t wait to sit and eat and drink with my best girl, Jennifer, and watch some shirtless Zac.  Take it off Efron!  Take it all off!!!



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The new season has begun and I have decided to watch it this go-around. Juan Pablo really turned me off from the show altogether, but I have faith that this season will be much better.

The opera singer, soccer player, pro golfer and personal trainer all have to go.  And the guy with the bowtie, he’s nuts.  I am already a huge fan of Dylan from Boston and the firefighter (of course).

I think that it’s a really positive thing that she is an attorney.

My favorite part is when the rejected bachelor from one of the past seasons just shows up and wants to meet her, it is totally insane! I forgot how much I love the show!

Wash Hands

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In the kitchen, Ryan and I are preparing dinner. Upstairs, Aidan is roaming from room to room, playing with various toys, quietly talking to himself. Then Aidan makes his way downstairs and without looking up we ask him what he has been doing upstairs. His answer? “Aidan wash hands!” He was pleased with himself, you could tell by the level of excitement in his voice. “Oh really?!” I said as I looked down at him to see his long sleeves soaking wet up to his elbows.

Now that he’s mastered the stepstool, I guess we have to work on rolling up his sleeves!

1 Day ‘Til Aruba

Jan 24th, 2014 Posted in Miscellaneous | no comment »

But wait…didn’t you know that today is my birthday!? It has to be the best birthday ever to not only have it fall on a Friday, but to be flying out on a red-eye with my son and bff for a week-long vacation in Aruba with my folks. Simply. Can. Not. Wait.